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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Assembly: General Assembly

Starts 14:00 Saturday 31st March 2012

An Occupy London General Assembly.

Agenda TBC.

Possible themes -Occupy May -Occupy Finance Pot -Process review

Scheduled Proposals

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Finance Resolution
21:49 Thursday 29th March 2012 by

There is £10,000 in the Occupy London bank account. The Process by which that money is distributed on a weekly basis has broken down.

There are three suggested options to discuss and see if a consensus can be reached.

  1. Finding a way to divide the money as a one-off now, remembering we have no guaranteed further income

  2. Doing something creative with the money i.e. get it out in cash and place £5 notes on the floor of the Turbine Hall in Tate Modern. (This would take a bit of time to arrange with the bank) Have a clear statement about money and why we are doing this, in printed form.

  3. Leave things as they are and return to Finance G.A's.

The Finance Group will execute the decision taken by the General Assembly on what to do with the funds.