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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Assembly: Finance + EEE GA

Starts 19:00 Friday 1st June 2012

Finance proposals and a statement from EEE for consensus. Location at St Paul's.

Scheduled Proposals

Proposal Description Result

Finance Proposal from A.N.On
20:07 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Jack Dean

please uncle jack; could you overlook my tardy request - i was chatting to that sandhu lady. the loo saga is being dealt with by her and liz.

but can the camp have £35 for the genny, £150 for food and £80 for gas. dont ask me about receipts (pass this on to great uncle dombi if you wish) cuz ive been away - for legal reasons - + know nothing about such paper ghosts...


FUND REQUEST - Health and Safety LSX
19:44 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Max

Description of the request

Health and Safety equipment at Finsbury needs to be returned to owners. Two heavy metal fuel safes and one generator cage. They were at St Pauls and lent to Finsbury.

Owners HSS Ltd.

NB Very heavy items.

A one day job.

Van hire: cheapest found to date: £89 Congestion Charge one day: £10 Diesel Local with any balance returned: £20

Total: £119

Other sources of vans are unavailable. Yes, have checked other firms and this is cheapest.


Lay people's court representation admin - photographs, paper, pens and photocopying
19:24 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Catherine Powell

We have needed to spend some money on paper, pens, photocopying and some printing photographic evidence in order to provide testimonials for our court case in the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday. I estimate this will be around £25 maximum and will bring receipts.


Loos and cleaning for 2 weeks @ £170
19:28 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Liz Beech

I'm doing this for Harjeet. She's fronted payment of loos and cleaning for 2 weeks @ £170 I think!


Occupy Earth Summit People's Petition
19:35 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Peter Coville

[insert link]


Occupy Finsbury Square banner materials
19:15 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Catherine Powell

I have spent a total of £42.12 on banner materials for the new Occupy Finsbury Square banner which says 'The world is in a much bigger mess than this camp. OCCUPY' and is 12 metres wide and hanging between the trees at Finsbury Square. I provided the background fabric and sewing threads out of my own cupboards but had to buy the rest. We team-sewed on the ground at Finsbury for about 24 hours in total to make this banner. I would like to be reimbursed the £42.12 and have the receipts for what I spent. I bought the cheapest available fabrics for the purpose.


Occupy Legal Funding Proposal
19:45 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Matthew Varnham

I would like to make an amendment to the finance proposal that was granted last week. It was agreed to provide funding for Livestream/Legal to purchase a Contour+ cam which would stream to the Internet. What was misunderstood when the proposal was put forward was the fact that on top of the camera, and the subsequent Cerivo 'liveshell' streaming device what was required was also a 3G data connection. This was the reason given for also requesting the iPad with 3G data plan.

I don't think this would work for the following reasons; - For the contour cam to Livestream to the Internet, there would need to be enough bandwidth to allow for continual uploading of HD content. -The person with the Livestream cam would also have to have the iPad. -if the iPad were to run out of battery, the contour camera wouldn't be able to stream -the iPad 3 already has a HD video camera. -using the Contour+ camera, there is no opportunity to have a dialogue with the viewer in the way that is possible using Livestream or Bambuser on other such devices.

The Contour camera would be necessary for legal as it would allow for HD quality recording straight onto memory stick without having to worry about incriminating evidence being made available to police on the Internet. It would allow the legal observer to type notes which relate to what the camera is seeing. -the Contour+ version also has GPS so it is possible to relate an incident to a particular time and location. -footage collected on the memory stick can be made available and uploaded after the event, assuming the footage is not required for legal purposes.

I would suggest that given the aforementioned reasons, the Contour+ video camera should be available solely for the purposes of legal, and as such would be kept by legal with legal observer jackets. They can, however be utilised for other actions and events.

I am requesting money for the camera which can be bought and imported from the US for £310 - (the UK price is £500). The £16.99 strap will attach to any bike helmet and by purchasing 2 MicroSD cards, there will be an opportunity to continue recording if one memory card is full.

Contour+ Video Camera - £310 imported from USA Contour helmet mount - £16.99 2 x 32GB MicroSD - £23.56 (2 x £11.78) (spare) Contour Rechargeable lithium battery £18.99

TOTAL - £369.54

I understand Livestream will be making a separate request for an iPad which would be more suitable for their needs.



Portable PA for Occupy Community
19:31 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Liz Beech

For Occupy Community - invaluable bit of portable kit for roaming. £173. 10 + p&p


Replace lost phone
19:40 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Tom Palmer

Proposal for 20 pounds for me, to buy a phone that was lost on may 12th.


£200 for direct action
19:43 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Tom Palmer

A proposal for 200 pounds for direct action. details on a need to know basis.