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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Assembly: General Assembly

Starts 14:00 Saturday 2nd June 2012

Location: St Paul's.

Scheduled Proposals

Proposal Description Result

Adopt common approach to work through common concerns
18:59 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by John Bywater

Propose coordinating activities by adopting a common approach to common concerns.

Common approach would entail:

  • object and protest
  • declare rights
  • construct story
  • commit to story
  • repeat


Economics Working Group - Economics Handbook
19:22 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Peter Dombi

The Economics Working Group would like to present the Economics Handbook (probably actually to be called the Little Book of Ideas) to the General Assembly. This is a handbook of Economic Theory, which it is intended will be an educational tool to be distributed by Occupy in order to inform the public of Economic Issues and Terminology and the current state of our Society.

Comment: It would be good to get Consensus for the document, though as it is going to be at least 30 pages long it is probably better to get consensus in principle rather than try to agree every line of text. We would also like to ask the GA for £462 to fund an initial print run of 5000 copies. We would like to do this at the GA on Saturday June 2nd if possible.


Forward plan summer GAs
18:58 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by John Bywater

Propose planning summer GAs ahead:

  • themed GAs with speakers, breakout groups, and tests for consensus on alternatives to the current system
  • publish list of areas of common concern (health, education, forests, seas, ...)
  • call out for organisations which may be interested to speak about common areas of concern
  • think of locations suitable for each concern


Occupy London to support the Carnival of Dirt
19:26 Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Jack Dean


The Corporations Working Group proposes that Occupy London lends its support and varied skills to the Carnival of Dirt. Inspired by the work of the Corporations Working Group it would be greatly strengthened by having the support of as many other Occupiers as possible.

This proposal, if passed, would allow Occupy London to express desires similar but not exclusive to:

  • Occupy London Backs the Carnival of Dirt
  • Occupy London is proud to be a part of the Carnival Of Dirt


If you scratch the surface of any transnational mining or extraction corporation, you will find the same abhorrent, filthy behaviour.

The billionaires behind this trade, make their fortunes at the cost of human rights abuses, labour rights violations, poisoning of the environment and dwindling water resources, forced acquisition of lands with empty promises of adequate housing and employment, evading millions in taxes, corrupting governments, thriving in conflict zones and turning peoples against each other.

Financial institutions like the London Stock Exchange and the London Metal Exchange and governments turn a blind eye to these abuses and fail to punish for these crimes in the majority world or even legislate against them adequately.

Carnival Of Dirt celebrates all those fighting this injustice and remembers those who have suffered for doing so.

Carnival of Dirt to hit London 15 June

Friday 15 June, London is about to experience its first ever Carnival of Dirt, a carnival like no other, highlighting the ills of mining and extraction corporations – including Glencore and Xstrata – that evade millions in taxation, are supported by the British government and are propped up by UK pension funds, despite their obscene human rights, financial and environmental abuses.

The Carnival Family

This unique day of remembrance, actions and celebrations is bringing together people across generations and causes, political ideals and continents, with a coalition of activists contributing to the day including members of Frack Off, Congo United for Freedom, Free West Papua Campaign, Congolese Youth Action Platform, Earth Faeries, Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links, No Tar Sands, Foil Vedanta, Colombian Solidarity Campaign, Tatiana Giraud Foundation, Gaia Foundation, Lumumba Coalition, Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme, Government of the Dead, London Mining Network, UK Uncut, Occupy London, Reclaim the Streets and more.


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