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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Assembly: General Assembly

Starts 14:00 Saturday 23rd June 2012

Theme: Housing

Location: St Paul's

Scheduled Proposals

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Propose sending petition regarding government responsibilities for housing
21:26 Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Chris Fursdon-Davis

"I propose Occupy London supports this statement."

Petition to Downing Street about housing

Occupy London Petition Re: Government Responsibilities for Housing    We are delivering this petition on behalf of Occupy London. As representatives of the Economics Working Group of OL, we are the signatories of this document, acting on behalf of the OL General Assembly which approved both its principles and its content at its meeting of 23rd June 2012.   It is difficult to argue against the general and particular merits of the initiative proposed, this taking account of the acute crisis in housing which is generally acknowledged by all those working in the sector. While this policy has been developed independently by the Economics Working Group of Occupy London, it both reflects, and draws upon, a variety of suggested policy initiatives which would seem to enjoy wide and urgently felt support from a majority of professionals with an interest in the field.    The imperative need for a stimulus for the economy is impossible to overstate, and this agenda provides the best possible place to start. It is clear that blind adherence to  housing policies that have been shown to be both ineffective and economically disastrous over an extended period has nothing but continuing social damage to offer to the people or economy of our country, either in the short or longer term.   We understand that you will find it difficult to avoid engaging with the issues raised other than on the basis of spurious and outmoded economic ideology. However, we look forward to prompt ‘real world’ action to address this fundamental and as yet outstanding duty to the country whose people you lay claim to represent.      Yours Sincerely