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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Assembly: General Assembly

Starts 15:00 Sunday 8th July 2012

Location: St Paul's

Topic: What role does Occupy London have locally and globally? What actions should Occupy London be organizing and supporting in the Autumn?

Scheduled Proposals

Proposal Description Result

Support for murdered Brazilian activists
20:38 Wednesday 4th July 2012 by Peter Coville

Two Brazilian activists, Almir Nogueira de Amorim and João Luiz Telles Penetra, have been brutally murdered in the Guanabara Bay. They were fishermen fighting against the construction of gas and oil pipelines by a Brazilian multinational, Petrobras, which disrupted their fishing and livelihood. They spoke at the recent Rio + 20 conference. I intend to propose that Occupy London sends its signature in support of the statement under the article which follows. I will not be at the Friday GA, so is there anyone who would be prepared to read the statement at the GA?


Three days of direct action in October 2012
20:40 Wednesday 4th July 2012 by Tammy

In the name of Occupy London, Occupy London shall organise three days of action from Saturday 13th october 2012 until Monday 15th October 2012 in locations to be announced. this shall include a general call out for other groups to plan actions also, strikes, occupy, resist etc.

Also that Occupy London shall support the TUC with its October 20th action and the students action on the 13th October.Also that we shall do a solidarity action on the 17th with New York actions (black Monday) this is the begining.....

+  Pot banging Oct 15 (Dr T)