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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Assembly: Finance GA

Starts 19:00 Tuesday 26th June 2012

Theme: Focus on finance.

Location: Royal Festival Hall 6th Floor

Scheduled Proposals

Proposal Description Result

Request for £50 towards the expenses of Occupy Nomads
20:42 Wednesday 13th June 2012 by Em Weirdigan

Nomadic Occupy have been largely self-funding for the last 3 months, they have covered all their food and sanitation costs and most of their transport and infrastructure costs themselves or by raising donations.

The Nomads aim to stay in a place for 4 weeks, then move on, however recently they have been moved on more frequently than this which means additional costs which they have struggled to meet. They are therefore asking for a contribution towards transport costs to help them repay individuals who have contributed more than they can afford towards helping the camp move.

The Nomads do not expect this to set a precedent - if this request is granted they won't automatically assume funding in the future.


£2500 to clean up Finsbury Square
22:07 Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Administrator

Occupy London should make a reasonable offer to Islington Council to pay for the clean-up of Finsbury Square. The amount should not be too low as to be an insult to the residents of Islington, who otherwise will have to pick up the bill. Therefore the minimum amount I propose is £2,500.00 (this is subjective based on the briefest of assessments) to be combined with a genuine offer from Occupy London to provide sufficient competent volunteers to work under the direction of Islington Council to clear-up and re-landscape Finsbury Square.Additional commentOccupy failed at Finsbury Square because insufficient people involved with Occupy London had the practical skills, experience and desire required to make Finsbury Square a success. Occupy London needs to both learn from and take responsibility for mistakes made.

The £2,500.00 compensation amount and volunteer clean-up combination is subjective and based on the briefest of assessments.

Withdrawn by Proposer

£600 for flyers for festivals and other events
21:30 Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Saskia Kent

As we have a number of festivals and outreach events coming up and as we have spent hardly any of our diminishing pot on materials for this I would like to make a finance request. I haven't priced everything up yet as I need to trawl back through emails to get costs and intend this request to be a collaborative one.

Given that several events have been financially supported by Occupy (May 12, Carnival of Dirt etc) for general outreach materials etc I very much hope that this initial request will be regarded in the same light. I will of course add more detail but feel it is important to make this request now.


£600 to cover leaflets (to include general statements and policies, pamphlets about process and how GA's work, any other materials we may develop in the next couple of weeks. Badges - a range of Occupy London ones e.g. I love Occupy, Occupy London etc Contribution to materials for laminated educational displays about OL eg photos


£650 for TCU tent
22:06 Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Max

A decision needs to be made on the St Pauls Tent City University tent (the actual 6mx6m tent from Occupy LSX complete with banners and signs. A deal has been reached with the owners who are being very supportive.  They're willing to accept a replacement so that the original can be used for Occupy travelling talks, events etc.

This is a bargain and provides Occupy with an valuable resource it owns and can make much use of, even beyond its iconic significance.

The owners are sound people, having loaned the tent throughout the occupation.  But they will be needing it or a replacement for an event in the summer. They do need to know what's happening now.

The tent in good condition but will need approx £60 worth of welding done to repair steel joints damaged in the evacuation from St Paul's.  

Storage will be free of charge care of Occupy supporters, and travel is to be paid for by working groups wanting to use it eg for events, tours.                       COSTS Supplying owners with a replacement tent  - based on internet research 500  Welding   60

Transport: A one day job. Van hire: cheapest found to date: £60 Congestion Charge one day: £10 Diesel Local with any balance returned: £20 Transport total: £90