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Occupy Proposals

OccupyLSX Proposal: Occupy to share a platform with housing agencies and NGO's.

Submitted 21:13 Thursday 15th March 2012 by

Proposal put forward by the Land and Housing sub-group of the Economics WG.

Housing lies at centre of economics crisis we live in. Idea is to put together a government program of social housing offset by money that has gone into quantitative easing. What we want to do with that idea, is get NGOs and other people like British Social Housing Federation, Shelter, Chartered Institute of Housing etc. who know a lot more about the subject than we do. If we manage to achieve meetings of this kind we would like to have the approval of the GA.

The Land and Housing sub-group can go ahead and arrange this conference. Conditions apply: (a) the WG gives the GA regular updates on their progress (b) The GA gives approval of any final documentation that would be aimed at the government (proposed by Economics WG).


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Saint Paul's
19:00 Friday 6th January 2012